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Get to Know Us

Over 40 years of woodworking expertise

What began with three brothers working out of a basement of an unfinished home, now includes more than 30 people housed in a 35,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility. More importantly, the passion and commitment that helped launch Jutras Woodworking back in 1980 is still evident in every job we do.

It all starts with an idea...

Bring us your ideas, whether as a complete set of plans, a photo, a sketch or just a notion and we can produce it. We have extensive expertise in every step of your project – from design support through fabrication and installation. We understand the significance of each job, and we treat each one, as well as all those involved, with the utmost respect. Whether you have a statement piece or a large scale undertaking, we are staffed and equipped to handle the most demanding projects.

We love a good design challenge

Finding creative solutions to design "opportunities" is another area where we aim to add value to your project. Our talented team relishes the challenges inherent in bringing complex designs to fruition. Involve us early in your project and we can use our expertise to help optimize your designs saving you time, money and headaches.

Committed to your success

We offer a full range of support services for your project. From preliminary engineering and budgeting to project management, we can help facilitate the entire design/build process. Additionally, our local production capabilities and personal attention allow for the flexibility and responsiveness required to keep your project on schedule.

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                                                                                                       We Build on Great Ideas


                                                                                                  PRIDE - Inherent in the beauty of everything we make or install is an emphasis on flawless functionality.


                                                                                    ACCURACY - It's one of our most valued traits - the basic elements in large scale projects or in small, precision jobs.

                                                                        COLOR, TEXTURE, FORM - The subtleties and aesthetic nuance of your vision are always our highest priorities. 

                                                             COOPERATION - Expect our full support through every step of your project.  The earlier you get us involved, the more you can                                                                     draw on our expertise to help select the best materials and finish options, create, design functionality, and manage your project.

                                                 CRAFTSMANSHIP - That singular ability to "get it right" every time.  It comes with knowing your materials, understanding your                                                                 clients' goals and mastering the techniques required.

                                     RESPECT - It's and integral part of our culture here.  It begins with our fellow workers and the materials we work with, and extends to the                                           clients, architects, designers and suppliers with who we work.

                           SENSIBILITY - From concept to installation, we oversee the entire process.  At every stage we are constantly looking for ways to save you time                                   and money by delivering quality products, on schedule at a competitive price.

                  PASSION - Cabinetmakers, finishers, installers - we attract the very best in the industry.  Their love of the craft is apparent in every project we do.

         FOCUS - Turning raw wood into beautiful products and graceful settings is an ever-present priority.  It drives us to constantly hone current skills, refine old           techniques and develop new ones

MATURITY - It began in 1980 with 3 brothers with a passion for our craft, working out of the basement of an unfinished home. The extra effort and dedication have paid off.  Today we are a 35,000 square foot state-of-the-art-facility with a staff of over  35 dedicated people and the capacity to handle even the most challenging designs.



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